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Kujatelle (KOOGE) Kweli and panelists, Louise Levison and Scott duPont - experts in independent film financing will share secrets & tips (not taught in film school) on HOW to create a great pitch and a winning Business Plan, WHO the best film investors are?,WHERE to find them? and HOW to approach them? and HOW to handle objections? For more info on this “Can’t miss” seminar on film finance panelists. 

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Kujaatele (KOOGE) Kweli 

Kujaatele Kweli is widely known for his lectures, books, articles, interactive instructional materials design and workshops that trained thousands of top executives and youth in self-empowerment skills development programs including The Empower Game. Mr. Kweli is more popularly known throughout the education, empowerment education and media community as (Dr. KOOGE). Dr. KOOGE is the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) for KweliWorks, an empowerment training program for business and community leaders and small and medium-sized corporations. Read more at KweliWorks.com


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Louise Levison 

Louise Levison, President of Business President of Business Strategies, has been a highly respected financial consultant in the entertainment industry for 30 years specializing in the creation of film business plans.  Her clients have raised money for low-budget films, such as The Blair Witch Project, the most profitable independent film in history, and for companies raising money slates of films.  She is the author of Filmmakers & Financing: Business Plans for Independents (8th Edition, 2017, A Routledge/Taylor & Francis book.).  The book is the inspiration for The Pamplin Film Company’s feature documentary "Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL"  in which Levison is interviewed and appears on panels.  She was the technical advisor, also.  In addition, she is editor of the monthly online newsletter The Film Entrepreneur: A Newsletter for the Independent Filmmaker and Investor which is available for free downloading at moviemoney.com  


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Scott duPont

Scott duPont is a professional actor & producer from NY now based in LA, who has produced almost 2 dozen films. Scott is a member of the Producers Guild of America, SAG-AFTRA, and the International Documentary Association. His latest film is “Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL” (a documentary directed by Rick Pamplin set to release in 2021), which he hopes will empower the next generation of filmmakers by inspiring them to get their money to tell their own stories. Scott also hosts the podcast "Finance YOUR Movie!”, now in its 3rd season premiering weekly on MillionaireFlix. For more info visit www.FinanceYOURMovie.com.