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September 19, 2020
3 pm - 5 pm

Representation of Women

On and Behind

the Screen

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Amy Imhoff

Amy Imhoff is a freelance writer and digital content manager who specializes in genre media and feminist scholarship. She is a featured author and convention panel host, with over 100 articles and 60+ panels under her belt. Amy wears many hats in the writing and marketing world, from literature professor to branding expert. She loves to travel, enjoys all things British, and wants to save the planet while wearing cute shoes. Amy is based outside NYC, where she lives with her husband and two silly cats. Find her on Twitter and Instagram@AmyImhoff1701 and at www.amyimhoff.com.


Dr. Lisa Mills

Dr. Lisa Mills is an Associate Professor of Film at the University of Central Florida where she teaches screenwriting, documentary production, film theory and media history. She is the Program Director of the Master of Fine Arts in Feature Film Production program in the Nicholson School of Communication and Media. Dr. Mills makes documentary films that she hopes will inspire viewers to interpret current events through the lens of historical narratives. Three of her films are co-authored with Dr. Robert Cassanello in UCF’s history department, and her films explore the history of Florida’s civil rights movement, women’s fight for academic freedom and Florida’s purge of LGBT citizens at state universities in the 1960s. These films are produced with students at UCF and have aired on public television stations and screened in film festivals all over the world.



Lori Turchin

San Diego State University, Class 1985 B.A. In Telecommunications & Film

Ms. Turchin was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She started her education at Brooklyn College and transferred to San Diego State University where Ms. Turchin earned her bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications & Film Production.

Ms. Turchin embarked on a 20+ year career in film, video, and still productions working in both the Los Angeles and Florida markets.

Starting at the top-rated commercial production company in L.A., Rick Levine Productions, Ms. Turchin worked her way up the ladder, working in just about every aspect of production and post production, eventually landing as a Producer working predominantly in the field of high end TV Commercials. 

Ms. Turchin worked with many notable filmmakers and craftsman such as Directors: Rick Levine, Michael Werk, Adrian Lyne, David Fincher and Tony Scott, and D.P.'s; Gordon Willis, Stuart Dryburgh, and Phillipe Rousselot. 

Additionally, Lori is the Festival Manager of the Global Peace Film Festival, and the Film Curator of the yearly FusionFest Mygration Short Film Contest.

Ms. Turchin started at Full Sail University in 2004 teaching Screenwriting and has been with the History of Motion Picture Arts as an ACD since 2007.


Rekha Sharma

Praised for her ability to bring great passion, strength, humor and vulnerability to her performances, Rekha Sharma is a Canadian actress of Indian descent from the Fiji Islands.

Widely known for her portrayal as Tory Foster  on the Award winning series, “Battlestar Galactica”, Rekha has many other credits, including “The 100”, “V”, “Supernatural”, “Smallville”, and “The Core". Most recently, she's played FBI Agent Latifi in Jessica Biel's “Limetown" and Commander Landry on "Star Trek: Discovery".

The Rekha is often spotted in her natural habitat - dancing barefoot in the grass, making excessively earnest proclamations about love, truth and whatever else she's currently overthinking.  

May 24 - 28,  2021


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