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The Orlando International Film Festival, Inc (OIFF) Lions Club is a  501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that that creates an exciting opportunity for filmmakers, distributors, content creators in all genres, technology companies and audiences to network and share ideas in Orlando, Florida, the number one destination in the world that hosted 75 million visitors in 2018. OIFF supports underserved youth and emerging filmmakers as we seek to bring unique and diverse stories to the beautiful setting of Orlando, the number one destination of the world.  We will screen films from across the world and from our own native Florida. We wish to welcome the community to join us in this celebration of creativity and story telling as we enhance the life of the youth and their

families we serve.


With a firm belief that the movie industry will strive in an environment where a diversity of cultures have the ability to display their creative talents at an event where they can share ideas, learn about the latest technology in their field and compete with their peers; the founder was motivated to create a program to improve the quality of life through sharing the movies of all cultures at a film festival headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the number one destination in the world. The founder selected Orlando as the city for OIFF, in part, because it receives 75 million visitors annually and has a variety of educational institutions that train professionals that can

continuously replenish the talent in the movie industry.

What to expect at OIFF

Our staff is made up of both filmmakers and film lovers. Our goal is to create a filmmaker centric festival that brings together stories from all walks of life to share with the Orlando community. In addition to the awards of films submitted, OIFF will provide workshops, exhibits and interviews where the upcoming filmmakers can mingle with more experienced filmmakers and industry connections.

OIFF is for everyone!!! In addition to the filmmakers competition, experts will help you to…

  • Gain access to established producers, agents, managers, executives and more

  • Learn the latest technology for your craft

  • Be represented by an effective, enthusiastic and experienced agent/manager

  • Understand how to get a script read

  • Learn short cuts to independent film financing

  • Master simple public relations strategies that will increase visibility of your project

  • Be able to answer specific questions that will make financiers, distributors and producers want your project

  • Learn how to write, shoot and edit a short or feature film

Participants include producers, directors, actors, musicians, financiers, technicians, editors, distributors, agents among others. OIFF offers a wide variety of opportunities for the professional development of students and youth.

Numerous panels of experts from the arts and entertainment, television, technology and music industries are well equipped to educate film festival attendees on how to break through to make movies, and get distribution and financing for their film and/or music projects.

While at OIFF, explore the theme parks in Orlando: Universal, Walt Disney, Sea World, Legoland and many more with OIFF discounts. Experience the awesome OIFF tours and visits to such attractions as NASA, the Orlando Museum of Art, the Bronze Kingdom and Mango’s sensational world-famous Dinner Show. OIFF has its own site at Visit Orlando where participants can get discount tickets for selected theme parks and other attractions.


“The Orlando International Film Festival, Inc (OIFF) is a nonprofit organization that features the young independent film creators from grade level K-12 through college – who are the ‘ENTERTAINMENT LEADERS OF TOMORROW’ – and who lack any seat at the table in the industry today. OIFF is “not another ordinary festival” as the world is well served by mature film festivals today. None advance a ‘PRESENCE OR SEAT AT THE TABLE’ to access the growing new distribution pipes made possible by the 5G revolution and a focus on the young filmmakers of tomorrow. The OIFF highlights the 5G technology of tomorrow and makes it available to young filmmakers, many of whom are disadvantaged and are advancing tomorrow’s entertainment inventions of the future. The work product of these young film creators seeks to accent films that elevate the human spirit, consciousness, and the best of our potentials advancing world peace through great art of the future. The rewards and recognition provided will become a legacy to the leaders of the entertainment industry worldwide that are emerging and rising up among us today. It is with this goal in mind that the ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL stands alone in its patronage of the great art that defines what is truly immortal about the human spirit worldwide as it brings to the forefront many of the film talents from the Spielberg’s Ron Howards and George Lucas showing us films to advent the greatest art illustrating world peace messaging to us all.”

Berny  Dohrmann / CEO Space Founder and President / Board of Advisors

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